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Mel Gibson’s personal church, Holy Family, which he built for a select group of rogue Catholics, is now worth $68 million. The latest filing for Gibson’s tax free AP Reilly Foundation shows that he added another $6.8 million to the foundation’s coffers. The foundation supports Holy Family, a so-called Catholic church that is not recognized by the Arch Diocese and itself does not recognize the Pope or the Vatican. Holy Family is based on Mel and his father, Hutton Gibson’s, belief that Catholic Church reforms of 1965–called Vatican II–are irrelevant. About seventy families are said to belong to Holy Family, built on a hill top in Agoura Hills, California near Malibu.

Gibson’s ex wife, Robyn, has been removed from the list of the church’s directors.

Interestingly, no other church members besides Gibson have ever contributed a dime to AP Reilly. The church is supported entirely by Gibson. And the foundation, with those assets, makes no grants to individuals or other charitable groups. You can listen here to Hutton Gibson–noted anti-Semite and writer for neo-Nazi publications, talk about church heresy here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5dVWUKJ8b4&noredirect=1

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  1. I dont know of they are rogue Catholics as much as they just like the old fashioned Latin Rite.Hutton is deathly ill and hasnt done his radio show in decades. Mel is not guilty of his father’s sins by association.

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