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Score one for NBC. After years of putting up with the Hollywood Foreign Press, and paying them millions for licensing the Golden Globes show, the network forced them to take Ricky Gervais back as host. Good for everyone at NBC, especially Doug Vaughn. But wait! The HFPA cannot be good sports. It’s not in their nature. They are a mean spirited bunch. So they issued this statement on their website.

“After weeks of rumours it’s finally official—Ricky Gervais will be back to host the Golden Globes for a third year.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association voted  for the controversial British comedian’s return after meeting with NBC official Doug Vaughn.

While many welcome Gervais’s return, not everyone is happy with the decision because  last year his blunt one-liners targeting big-name celebrities caused anger and resentment in some quarters. After the show Gervais dismissed the possibility of coming back for a third time, but he gradually warmed to the idea and last month met with HFPA President Dr. Aida Takla-O’Reilly in Paris to discuss it. He  said recently that the idea of going back behind the podium “is very tempting”.

The Golden Globes awards ceremony, which will be televised worldwide, will be held on January 15 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.”

Here’s the deal. Big stars make big money. They can take the jokes. Only the HFPA can’t take it. NBC wants Ricky back because he’s edfy, and he mocks this outrageously overpaid group of bizarre people. There’s already talk that they’ve pushed “The Help,” a drama, into their Comedy/Musical category. It had neither comedy nor music. Ricky, my friend, go for it. Rock on.

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