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First we see Whitney Houston doing great interviews from set of “Sparkle.” Now it seems she’s going into business–candle business. Let’s say she’s burning the candles at both ends! Or waxing philosophical. Whitney and sister in law Pat Houston have started something called Marion P Candles. Here are the descriptions of the different kinds of candles you can find at www.marionpcandles.com  Pat says a portion of the proceeds will go to charity:

Tiberias/Ruby Red Grapefruit – Seed for the healing of the body, uplifting and stimulating to the soul.

Jordina (The Jordan River) Fig Lychee – Figs are restorative. They increase the strength of young people and preserve the elderly In better health. An honor to bestow The foliage and fruit.

The Beatitudes (The Mount of Beatitudes) Blackstone – It focuses on love and humility rather than force and exaction. Echoing the highest Ideal of teaching on mercy, spirituality and Compassion.

Jericho/ Cedarwood Amber – Reflecting The Majesty And Wonder Of God’s Glory.

Galilea (The Sea Of Galilea/Honeysuckle) Pleasantness, sweet to the Soul, The Essence Of Unity and Wholeness of Purpose.

Dedication, Excellence, Faithfullness, Gratitude, Loving Kindness, Peace and Joy, Redemption, Victorious and Love.

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  1. Years ago, the guy I hired to clean my carpets told me a story of when he was called to her house in the Country Club of the South, while she was still living there with Bobby. He said that the weeds/lawn came up to his knees, the house was a mess and that Whitney blew a gasket because he couldn’t clean all the massive amount of melted candle wax that had melted all over her carpeting. Hope she’s learned a lesson now that she’ll apparently have an unlimited supply :)

  2. You take up space to print a list of candles? Sometimes you get to me, Roger. No one cares about Whitneys business enterprises or her singing. The boat has sailed and she wasn’t on it. MMH

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