Home Media Spider Man Lawsuit: Only Drudge, NY Post Honored Our Scoop

A week ago, I learned that “Spider Man” director Julie Taymor was planning to sue the producers of the $75 million show. As a good reporter, I followed the story to its big moment this morning when the lawsuit was filed. Here on Showbiz411 I posted the scoop, the exclusive story, and waited. About 90 minutes later, the trades and then the Associated Press printed the story almost verbatim from mine. The Hollywood Reporter actually picked up language straight from my copy. None of this is new. Luckily, the Drudge Report linked to my story and featured it right away. Bravo.

And the New York Post! http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/former_spider_man_director_sues_qdvKbH4bUcKOIrorrjX17N

The time stamps all show that a lot of time followed my file. Sadly, none of those outlets, including the Associated Press, could bring themselves to credit Showbiz411. Oh well. Thanks to Drudge, and thanks to Hollywoodnews.com, which also linked to our early version of the story. I often wonder, when these things happen, what are these people thinking? Did they make the calls, see the people, take the notes? No, obviously. But what can you? This is the wild west of the internet. The irony is that Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood also did it. They’re suing the Hollywood Reporter for stealing stories. There’s no honor among thieves, you know.

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