Home Celebrity NY Daily News Trumps NY Post in Circulation: New Data

Which New York tabloid has the biggest circulation? According to new figures just released, it’s the Daily News over the Post by a mile. The Daily News posted daily circulation of 605,677 over the Post’s 512,067 according to the Audit Bureau. The Post likes to carp about numbers in their biz section. But in the end, the News is obviously preferred. Of course the New York Times has 1,150,689 copies a day, so it’s technically king in New York. The Times is third on the overall list, behind the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. The New York Times is still the king on Sundays with 1, 646,000 copies. The Sunday Daily News had 667. 638. But the NY Post really trails on Sunday– with just 380,000 copies. Surprisingly, it’s Number 20 nationally on Sundays–far below newspapers in other cities. Even the Page Six magazine insert hasn’t helped.

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