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And they said it wouldn’t last. And it didn’t. Kim Kardashian, a ridiculous person whose name I don’t think I’ve ever typed out before, is divorcing husband Kris Humphries after 72 days of wedded commerce. They made $18 million on a celebrity wedding that took place August 20th in Montecito, California. The E! Channel and People magazine paid for it, the kids raked it in, got tons of press. And all of it was fake. Kris is bummed because he’s an basketball player locked out of his job. Kim is upset because she had to whisper her mother’s name to her new husband. (She’s the daughter of Kris Jenner–see previous story.) This was Kim’s second marriage. She’s also had a lovely sex tape. TMZ and all the various tabloids have their opinions. But this is a lot like the ludicrous stuff served up by KISS front man Gene Simmons and his now wife, Shannon Tweed. They “fought” in public, broke up, had spats and then married, all for a “reality” show. Too depressing. The world is a stage, said Shakespeare, or “anonymous,” and the people on it are paid to dupe the public.

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  1. My hat’s off to them. It’s called free enterprise, America, capitalism, supply & demand.

    It’s funny that you seem angry about this.

    It’s always strange when people get angry at what they consider to be the public’s lack of good taste, when they choose to adulate contrarily.

    This is never more funny than when Bill O’Reilly becomes indignant when someone (thing) he disapproves of gets public approval.

    Live and let live.

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