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Madonna’s eldest brother, Tony (Silvio) Ciccone Jr, is homeless. If you didn’t see the stories over the weekend, Tony is living under a bridge in Traverse City, Michigan. Apparently he lost his job at his father’s 15 year winery, Ciccone Vineyards, in Suttons Bay, Michigan. The winery has terrible reviews anyway, and frankly, who in the world would drink wine made in Michigan? Certainly not Madonna, who tosses hydrangeas back in the face of a fan because she can’t stand ’em.

So no one knows if Tony Jr. is a bad guy, a thief, drunk, or what. Or maybe he just had a spat with his father (Silvio–Tony Sr.), brother Mario, and stepmother Joan, who run the business. Even  so, now it’s an international story. Madonna must be worth $200 million. She has homes everywhere and even picked up two kids to adopt from Malawi in Africa because she had so much money. But her brother is living, according to one report, “with vermin.”

On the website for Ciccone Vineyards, it reads: “The eldest of his three sons, Silvio Jr., can be seen helping him from time to time in the cellar.”

So is this the work of Kabbalah teachings? Wasn’t Kabbalah supposed to make Madonna more spiritual and full of heart? Of course, she did promise to build a school in Malawi for orphans. But after clearing the land of its villagers, she reneged on that deal. In fact, since her Raising Malawi charity was exposed a poorly run fraud, there’s been nary a word about that school. There also is still no federal tax filing for 2010 on record for Raising Malawi or Ray of Light, Madonna’s personal foundation.

No one is responsible for every adult member of their family. But Madonna lives life large. She’d do well to keep her house in order, especially as she gone into other homes (hello, Malawi) and given her opinion of them. On the p.r. front, this is an epic fail.

Madonna, btw, is on the outs with brother Christopher, who wrote a book about her. She’s closest to sister Melanie, who’s married to record producer Joe Henry. Mario, who now runs the winery, is her half brother, born to her father and step mother Joan after her own mother died.

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  1. Her siblings are adults. They should be keeping THEIR houses in order. One thing for sure is that Madonna is not an enabler. You will never read stories about her brothers blowing away her money on drugs….but you will read she have paid for their rehabs and legal bills….something this article coveniently left out.

  2. The slant of this article is very biased. I’ve visited the Ciccone Vineyard and many others in the area, and the wines they produce are all very good and regularly win awards. The area is becoming more and more known for producing quality wines, like most other geographical areas that lie along the 45th parallel (perfect combination of warm summer days and cool nights that are optimal for growing grapes). Now on to Anthony Ciccone. His parents and sister Madonna are very generous people and have done much for him and all the other family members. He appears to be a long-time addict, who despite multiple opportunities that most addicts do not get, has found himself homeless. Mental health professionals often counsel family members in this situation to “cut off” emotionally and financially, as the addict can only help himself at this point. Unfortunately many cannot, and eventually die. Money and/or homelessness isn’t the issue–look at Amy Winehouse–she had all the money and treatment options in the world, and could not overcome her addictions. The advice given above that you keep on helping no matter what, is exactly the opposite of what professionals on addiction teach. If we as a society really want to help, then lobby your political representatives to increase and/or maintain taxes to educate and fund the many social service professionals and agencies needed to properly deal with the epidemic. Many other countries do just that, but it costs much more in taxes. Madonna and her family members have done the right thing here. There is help for Anthony Ciccone through social service agencies when he wants to get off the street. He needs to be clean and sober, however, to participate. He’s 55-years-old. His problems today are exactly the consequences of his own decisions.

  3. There are actually some very good vineyards in northern michigan, Chateau Grand Traverse and Leelanau Wine Cellars being two of my favorites…you really ought to try them before you criticize so freely, they rival and in many cases are just as good and tastier than California wines. Which might have something to do with the lack of pollution maybe? Or the water?

  4. “Tough Love” as one of the posters here wrote, IS NOT about allowing any family member to be homeless, struggling and alone when you have the means, any means available to assist them in any way.

    It’s a disgrace no matter what is going on with her brother. If he is a drunk or a druggie, throw him in rehab. And keep doing it. Keep helping. Don’t sit and enjoy your life while your own family suffers.

    Madonna is a self-important, phony and a disgrace. And her father, stepmother and siblings aren’t much better for permitting this to happen to their own family.

    I’m sure they’re ALL SORRY NOW because now it’s out in public. Shame on them all!

  5. Hi Roger,

    While I’m not familiar with Ciccone Vineyards, I would like to point out that the Grand Traverse Region does produce some rather excellent wines. If you’re ever in the area, check out Chateau Chantal or Black Star Farms. There are over 50 vineyards in the area, and I can’t brag that we’ve sampled them all. But the region is spectacularly beautiful and worth a little exploration.

    (Sorry this was off the topic of the article, but you mentioned early on “who in the world would drink wine made in Michigan?” And I just had to put my 2.5 cents in.

  6. In this economy, why does everyone blame the brother for his so-called problems? Does anyone out there have any idea as to how the government, bank, etc failings have affected the majority of US citizens or do they all have their heads in the sand or up their bum? If MaDonna tosses hydrangeas back in the face of a fan because she can’t stand ‘em just goes to show you what this woman lacks in empathy and compassion and has no use for anyone unless she’s gaining the most out of the situation in one way or another. She’s a poor source of a human being and someday, somehow, she will get paid back ten times over for not helping her brother when he needs a bit of help . . not millions . . just some help. Grow the hell up, MaDonna!

  7. You perpetuate lies. Everyone has seen the footage – both of the press conference and later of Madonna being accosted outside. The person with the hydrangeas was no “fan” — he was an opportunistic reporter who lunged at her during a press conference to present the flowers, then later got in her face with his camera crew to try to get a soundbite later. Madonna NEVER tossed hydrangeas back in the face of a fan. NEVER. She took them, thanked him, and then privately turned to an actor from her film and whispered that she didn’t like that kind of flower. You are clearly still on Mariah Carey’s payroll and a complete lunatic.

  8. Madonna appears to have a problem like MOST FAMILIES! Just because she is wealthy, doesn’t mean she is responsible for her brother, the oldest and first born brother at that.

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