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One Rolling Stone is gathering no sales. Mick Jagger‘s weird super group album, “Super Heavy,” has sold only 33,000 copies. It’s dead on arrival. “Super Heavy” was a group formed by Mick with Joss Stone, Dave Stewart, Damien Marley, and composer A. R. Rahman. Released by some part of the Universal Music Group, Super Heavy was in trouble almost from the start. A single was released during the summer, but was kept a mystery. By the time the full album was released on September 19th, there had been little to no publicity. Talk about no buzz: it was just zzzzz. It’s strange, too, because the album is good. The songs are catchy and well made. But seemingly no funds went to promotion. One month later, the project remains less than cult favorite since really, no one’s responded to it at all. The unfortunate participant is Joss Stone. She could have been Adele before there was Adele. But bad choices have left her an asterisk in the pop business. She needs to find real management and a vision for her career. As for Mick, he does have another group. Their 50th anniversary is at hand.

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  1. You know how this goes: Mick gets mad at Keith, Mick forms another group, everyone yawns, the project fails, Mick makes up with Keith, Mick and Keith start writing songs, the Stones release a new album, the Stones go out on a huge arena tour, the Stones make a few hundred million, everybody’s happy. The end.

  2. No one cares about Mick Jagger’s outside projects. No one cares about the other people in his new band. How did the record company think this would go anywhere?

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