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Note: If you came here looking for “Never Had” from the movie “10 Years” it’s been moved to a new post on this site– stay tuned–and check recent headlines. The song is now available with the album on iTunes.

Exclusive: Oscar Isaac, hot as a pistol, sings his own song “Never Had” in our audio player. It’s from the movie, “Ten Year,” which debuted in Toronto, Isaac, who more unfortunately appears in Madonna’s “W.E.,” is an accomplished musician. In the Coen Brothers film, “Inside Llewyn Davis,” he’ll play a folk singer from the 60s. Once you’ve heard “Never Had,” or Oscar’s other songs, you’ll see why he got this new plum role. A star is born, kids. Watch the movie “Balibo” to see him in action, in the meantime. PS Oscar looks enough like Cat Stevens to play him in a musical or biopic. Just sayin’…

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  1. “Never Had” is an awesome song. As an avowed fan of the Coen Brothers, Carey Mulligan and 60’s Folk Music, i am delighted that Oscar Isaac will bring his many talents to “Inside Llewyn Davis”. …… Can’t wait !

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