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Paul McCartney gets married today to Nancy Shevell, which will be a nice thing for everyone. But it’s nicest for Arlen Blakeman, Nancy’s 18 year old son. Arlen attends Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. But according to his Facebook page, he’s in “Londome for the holidays.” Arlen and pals already took in Buckingham Palace. Last night he reported that they hit The Box nightclub in Soho, London. They also hit Stringfellows nightclub. The young lads are having a grand time! (Can you imagine being 18 and Paul McCartney’s newly minted stepson? It’s like being Prince Harry with no responsibilities.) Arlen lists a lot of music likes on his Facebook page, mostly rap and Led Zeppelin. He also has a link to James McCartney, Paul’s son his new stepbrother. Very wise. James’s Facebook music has links to all of his very listenable recordings. Reports from London are that the wedding reception today is smallish, with just Paul’s kids, grandkids, Nancy’s family, and some of the Eastmans, Paul’s in-laws. No doubt his brother Mike McCartney will also be on hand. Congrats to all.

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