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Maybe it’s a good omen. Paul McCartney got married today for the third time, and it was also John Lennon’s 71st birthday. The always Beatle had Ringo Starr and his wife Barbara Bach in attendance for his marriage to Nancy Shevell. George Harrison’s devoted widow, Olivia, is there with son Dhani according to sources. But Yoko Ono is not. She is in Iceland at a ceremony remembering Lennon. (For some reason, Ono likes to go to Reykjavik on Lennon’s birthday, it seems, almost every year.)

The couple visited a nearby London synagogue on Saturday so Nancy could get rabbi’s blessing, according to reports. Nancy, like Paul’s beloved late first wife Linda Eastman, is Jewish.

Shevell wore a white dress designed by Paul’s daughter, fashion star Stella McCartney. The word is that little Beatrice, Paul’s daughter with second wife Heather Mills, was the ring bearer. Paul’s brother, Mike, was the best man. It was all done in a low key manner at the local town hall in London, where Paul married Linda Eastman in 1969. A reception is taking place in the backyard of Paul’s London home with about 35 guests. A New York party is planned.

PS According to a London paper, Paul will sing three songs to Nancy at the wedding reception today–including her “favorite,” (who knows if this is true), “Let Me Roll it to You.” At least she has favorites–years ago Heather Mills professed to not knowing any Beatles songs.

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  1. I thought McCartney was married to Liz Taylor for about 24 hours before he married Zsa Zsa Gabor for about 10 minutes, then he experimented with Peggy Lipton overnight before ending up in the sack with Sharon Tate.

  2. Roger, isn’t this McCartney’s fourth marriage? People forget about Jane Asher before Linda, but maybe they were never married as I thought they were…

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