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Do you know much about “Dream House”? It’s opening on Friday, sort of slid in among a selection of oddities from the very good “Take Shelter” to a bunch of weird releases like the long, long shelved Kenneth Lonergan movie,  “Margaret.” (Can’t wait to see that, actually.) “Dream House” stars international sex symbol and James Bond actor Daniel Craig, his Oscar nominated wife Rachel Weisz, and the equally talented Naomi Watts. Yet, there has been no premiere anywhere for “Dream House.” There have been few if any screenings. Rotten Tomatoes still hasn’t posted any reviews and the movie opens tomorrow. Several movie blogs, notably Cinema Blend, have chronicled the film’s disastrous life. It’s a shame because Jim Sheridan, one of the greats, directed it. But Sheridan, it’s said, fell out with Morgan Creek’s Jim Robinson, and I’m he walked away–or was pushed away–from the final cut. But no premiere, not even a Cinema Society screening in the basement of a trendy hotel? “Dream House” must be very bad for everyone to have abandoned it. That may be $70 mil out of the window of that house. The only good thing to come of it, for Craig and Weisz but neither of their romantic partners, is that the actors reconnected and wound up getting married.

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