Home Theater Broadway Spider Man: Casting Call for New Female Leads

Broadway’s $70 million “Spider Man: Turn off the Dark” actually started performances in mid November 2010, if you recall. Coming up on the year anniversary, two leads from the show are being re-cast. Presumably, Jennifer Damiano and TV Carpio, respectively Mary Jane and Arachne, are leaving since a casting call has gone out for their replacements. Additionally, a casting call went out for a new Peter Parker to understudy the role while Reeve Carney goes off to shoot a biopic about late singer songwriter Jeff Buckley. Sources say the new Mary Jane and Arachne should have their first performances in mid November. That’s around the same time Carney will exit for 8 weeks. “Spider Man,” like most of Broadway, is having a tough fall at the box office. After its wild winter and spring, the troubled musical finally opened on June 14th. Between kids being out of school and mordbid curiosity, the musical played to fairly full houses through Labor Day. But now it’s doing about 79% business, and offering all kinds of discounts. On the bright side, there don’t seem to be reports of injuries anymore among the flying actors.

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