Home Celebrity “30 Rock” Casts Net for Celebrity Cameo for Premiere

You may be wondering, what’s happened to “30 Rock”? Even though Alec Baldwin is hosting the premiere of “Saturday Night Live,” the witty much loved satire doesn’t shoot its first episode of the new season until the week of October 3rd. Ostensibly because of Tina Fey’s maternity leave, the show has a late new season start date. It’s not even set yet, although November sweeps seem about right. By the time viewers see “30 Rock,” Alec Baldwin will have lost half a person in weight. So who knows how Fey will write that all in? For the premiere, “30Rock” is currently casting a New York based celebrity for some kind of visual joke. It can be an actor, singer, anything. Even a Kardashian. The only caveat is “New York based.” I guess they don’t want to pay for a lot of travel expenses. They also don’t want someone on Broadway who has an 8pm curtain. So it’s wide open, celebs. If you want to be lampooned, call NBC and toss your name in the hat.

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