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The Kennedy Center Honors have been announced, and they’re a nice little group this year. Meryl Streep, Yo Yo Ma, Neil Diamond, singer Barbara Cook, and jazz musician Sonny Rollins are getting the nods. Streep was long overdue at this point. She may be headed to an Oscar nomination again with “Iron Lady” so December is a great time–right before the Critics Choice, Golden Globe and other awards nominations. Neil Diamond is finally getting his due — he was just inducted into the Rock Hall, etc. The others are all serious artists. I do wish that the Kennedy Center would honor writers and fine artists, but that may be too high falutin’ for them.

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  1. I suppose that since the Kennedy Center hasn’t been a venue for non-performing arts, they figured that wasn’t their category.

    Of course, that logic hasn’t stopped MTV from giving Music Video Awards.

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