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Madonna, ever clueless and ridiculous, thanks noted anti-Semite designer John “I love Hitler” Galliano and Hitler’s personal filmmaker, Leni Reifenstahl, at the end of her new film. This, according to Variety reviewer Leslie Felperin, from the Venice Film Festival. The film, “W.E.” is panned not only by Variety today, but by all the reviewers who saw it at its premiere.

The Variety review: “it’s in focus, which is more than be said for its script.” Felperin notes that Madonna has tried to smooth over the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s extremely annotated affection for the Nazis, too. The movie “conveniently ignores matters of historical record, such as the fact that the duke and duchess were honored guests of Hitler…as late as 1937.”

The fact is, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were self absorbed, vain boobs. They were perfectly depicted in “The King’s Speech.” which is why it’s so weird that Madonna has ignored this and embraced them. The director-popstar-performer is vain, certainly, but not stupid. But she’s very good at rationalizing when she wants something she wants. And that’s what “W.E.” sounds like, fer sure.

The movie is described by those who saw it as visually very good, but insubstantial and lacking in coherence. Variety also notes “risible dialgoue and weak performances.” The film was also panned by the UK Guardian and the Grazia Daily website.

Todd McCarthy wrote in The Hollywood Reporter that the movie is “embalmed from any dramatic point of view” and calls it a documentary about a young woman’s extending shopping trip.

Meantime, Women’s Wear Daily is reporting that Madonna will wind up in a Los Angeles court this October. She’s being sued by a garment company that claims she infringed their use of the Material Girl name for a clothing line. The firm has been selling clothes under that name since 1997.

But Madonna didn’t care and used the name anyway saying that since she sang a song with that name in 1984, the name is hers. However: she didn’t write the song “Material Girl” so materially, it’s not hers. The song was written by Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg, who were honored for their life’s work at this year’s Songwriters Hall of Fame.

And still there investigations into Madonna’s Raising Malawi charity for the cultish Kabbalah Centre. Millions of dollars are missing, and the school Madonna promised to build in that impoverished country–from which she controversially adopted to children–never happened.

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  1. So what do you want? For them to be burned or killed or something? They haven’t hurt any people…..Galiano was just stupid to have a public tirade

  2. “And still there investigations into Madonna’s Raising Malawi charity for the cultish Kabbalah Centre.”

    this is not a sentence. madonna sucks… whats new?

  3. Now, WHO DIDN’T know that this film would be a piece of garbage? I knew from the day I’d heard Madonna was going to play film director that all she’d do was to bring the world another “Ishtar.”

    But even “Ishtar” you could sit through and just laugh at the absurdity of it.

    This film, I’d wait for it to come out on DVD, so that I could use the case as a coaster.

    Madonna, please, stay in your lane. A film director you are not.

  4. Is anyone surprised at the disappointing outcome of this ill-advised Madonna vanity project?
    Why anyone would finance a movie written, produced and directed by a rank amateur is beyond comprehension.
    This movie sounds like Madonna herself-all fluff and zero substance.
    If there really is not one person in her whole realm that will not tell her the truth then she needs some new friends and business associates. People that truly care enough about her to stop her from embarrassing herself again and again both personally and professionally.

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