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I got a kick out of the National Enquirer cover story this week. Janet Jackson’s ex mother in law says that Janet and her son, James, are the parents of Michael Jackson barnicle Omer Bhatti. I don’t know the mechanics of these things: does the Enquirer go to these people and pay them to make up stories? It’s all a lot of fun, I guess. Omer Bhatti, of course, has actual parents in Norway. Their names are Riz and Pia Bhatti.

I’ve written about this a lot over the years. When Omer was 12, they dressed him up a like a mini Michael and brought him to Tunis, where Michael was performing in 1996. Omer did a little moonwalking in the lobby and Michael invited him to his suite. He liked the kid so much that he added the Bhattis to his tour. Then Riz and Pia went to work for him at Neverland.

Over the years, Omer stayed at Neverland even after his parents returned to Norway. When he joined them at home, Omer became a Michael Jackson imitator and made money from it. He let people think he was Michael’s kid. Jackson liked to tell intimates that Omer was his secret illegitimate son; none of it was true. It was just Michael’s fantasy and it was sad.

As far as Janet Jackson goes, I do feel bad for her. For years a persistent rumor circulated that she had a secret child that been raised by her sister, Rebbie. Now it’s this thing. Janet has no children, and I’m sure it’s frustrating to keep reading these crazy stories. Omer Bhatti quite likes it, though, because it perpetuates his connection to Michael Jackson.

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  1. No, Omer is not Michael’s son (or Janet’s), but no one “dressed him up” as Michael. He was a fan as a child (still is) and partook in dancing competitions on stage. You can see clips on youtube. He was performing in Tunis (and in Italy). So of course he wanted to see Michael in the flesh in that hotel. When you tell stories, please tell the whole story.

  2. Why do people continue to write bullshit? Omer is a friend of the jackson family, he’s like a big bro to MJ children. That’s all. He has his own parents.

  3. These rumors of Janet having a child with James Debarge have been circulating for years. Some say she became pregnant during her working on the Television Series fame and was at least 4-5 months pregnant at the end of that last season when she decided to leave the show. They say she went into hiding until she had the baby and her mother took care of the baby not letting the world know that Janet had the child. They said that the child was sent to boarding for years and returned to the Jacksons encino home…The child in question was a girl and not a boy. The rumors died down and then resurfaced on and off over the years. Just last year James brother disclosed more details about the daughter that Janet gave birth to and made it clear that there was a child born to Janet and James Debarge. The two daughters that named was Kristina Debarge, which is James biological Daughter but people have speculated she is also Janets daughter. Then there was another Jackson daughter, which later turned out to be Jackie Jackson, Janets oldest brother daughter…so we’ll never know unless Janet decides to tell or the daughter decides to disclose the truth, if there was in fact a daughter born to Janet and James at all.

  4. Omer Bhatti is another leech..trying to build a career on the back of Michael Jackson.

    Hoepfully, after the trial, him along with a few Jacksons will disappear from the spotlight.

  5. Efhenu, JANET has no children this a bunch of bs, this family just wants the fame they once had they keep changing the the sex of the kid and that kid would at least be 25 years so its just crap. I agree with the person writing this article this shit is old..

  6. if janet jackson would of had a secret son / daughter all this time she would of been black mailed ! & if she did have a baby…she would of been sold that story for millions of dollars! why would janet work hard &do movies/concerts when that secret child story told by her would have her set for life ! cut the check! is what janet would of said ! if janet do have any kids thats her damn business! janet did the damn thang in concert in shy-town thats all that matters !

  7. obviously you are the hater, to everyone in the story

    you like know every details?foolish! that’s their family affair, not your business

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