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I just went through the first six episodes of HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and realized something: Cheryl, Larry’s now ex wife, has only been in Episode 1, “The Divorce.” (This one involves girl scout cookies, among other things, hilariously.) I miss her! Luckily, Cheryl Hines aka Cheryl David is back tonight and for episodes 7 through 10. It’s just in the nick of time. It looks like the imdb.com was wrong: no Cheryl tonight and maybe not again.

Nevertheless: the episode was excellent, as good as the third one of the season, “Palestinian Chicken,”  which was beyond sublime. Not only did Larry and Rosie O’Donnell fight over Amy Landecker, but the added baseball satire of “juicing” and using Viagra was perfect. Plus, David Canary made a cameo appearance.

There have been great moments this season–I loved Larry’s accidental hero act on the plane to New York, for example. And Michael McKean is terrific as the director who winds up forcing Larry to go to New York for three months–Larry is avoiding doing a charity gig for him. J.B. Smoove is a welcome respite to all of Larry, Jeff and Susie’s mishegos. He made a triumphal arrival in New York; Next week Wanda Sykes returns.

But no Cheryl. Sniff! I guess that ship has sailed.

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  1. I am done Laurie David and Cheryl Hines’s poor improv skills.
    If you rewatch a scene you’ll see most of her reactions make little sense- there is just no authentic character there.

    I could also do without ever seeing or hearing Wanda Sykes again.

    On the other hand you are spot on about JB Smooth. He brilliant in his wacky character and in the refreshing counterpoint he provides to Green and David.
    I could also use more of Richard Kind as the idiot NY cousin.

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