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There’s been a lot of speculation about why James Franco’s art installation in New York was shut down last week. His “High Low/Rob Lowe” show at the Asia Song Society in Soho (aka ASS) had a hot (literally) opening night, but then was suddenly put out of business. The show included readings from Rob Lowe’s recent autobiography on video. But it also included the “Three’s Company” installation that Franco put together last winter at Sundance. That piece was fun and a big hit. Actor Richard Kline, who played Larry on the show, even came to Sundance to check it out.

But apparently the creators of “Three’s Company” had only given permission for use at Sundance, and didn’t realize it could go on to other venues. Franco’s astute manager Miles Levy realized this too late, and decided it was best to shut down until it was all worked out. Franco had gotten the right to re-shoot the first three episodes of the 70s sitcom as a kooky drama, then show it in the installation. It was a lot fun at Sundance, and certainly should be seen. Odds are the rights situation will get worked out soon.

Meantime: Franco is taking his “Sal Mineo” movie to the Venice Film Festival. He’s also going to introduce the finished version of Nicholas Ray’s posthumous masterpiece, “We Can’t Go Home Again.” Ray, of course, directed another masterpiece, “Rebel without a Cause.” This year he would have been 100 years old. Franco of course starred in and won awards for the “Rebel” star James Dean’s biopic. So he’s also got an art project being shown in Venice called “Rebel.” It’s a collaboration Franco has with Douglas Gordon, Harmony Korine, Damon McCarthy, Paul McCarthy, Ed Ruscha and Aaron Young. Gucci and The Museum of Contemporary Art of Los Angeles (MOCA) are involved in that too.

And yes, all this while Franco shoots “Oz, the Great and Powerful” in Detroit. And his “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” is number 1 at the box office.

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  1. I got to see a little bit of Three’s Company the Drama at Sundance. It was definitely interesting to watch a different take on it. There was a 70s style couch and other decor to look like the set, including plants, clothes and a door that looked like the door from the show. It was shown on all 4 walls so you felt like you were part of the show. Unique and entertaing..just like Franco himself!

  2. Not to mention his Sept 20 (give or take a few weeks for scheduling reasons) return to GENERAL HOSPITAL and it’s insane shooting schedule (Franco did 100+ pages in a single day last time he was on). When does he sleep?

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