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Mick Jagger–this column was FIRST to report that he was planning a new album without the Rolling Stones. His supergroup, called SuperHeavy, debuts its first video tomorrow on Vevo.com with a song called “Miracle Worker.” The album hits us on September 20th. All five members of the gang get writing credit on every song–Jagger, Damian Marley, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart, and composer A.R. Rahman. Will it be good? Who knows? And what about the Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary in 2012? Jagger must be really be angry with Keith Richards over his book. Anyway, here are the song titles. And some pictures. Let’s cross our fingers. Here’s a link to the “Miracle Worker” audio: http://www.4shared.com/audio/gU5Llzqi/Super_Heavy_-_Miracle_Worker__.html

1.Superheavy (Jagger/Marley/Stone/Stewart/Rahman)
2.Unbelievable  (Jagger/Marley/Stone/Stewart/Rahman)
3.Miracle Worker (Jagger/Marley/Stone/Stewart/Rahman)
4.Energy  (Jagger/Marley/Stone/Stewart)
5. Satyameva Jayathe    (Rahman /Marley/Stone)
6.One Day One Night  (Jagger/Marley/Stone/Stewart/Rahman)
7.Never Gonna Change  (Jagger/Stewart)
8.Beautiful People (Jagger/Marley/Stone/Stewart/Rahman)
9.Rock Me Gently   (Marley/Stone/Stewart)
10.I Can’t Take It No More (Jagger)
11.I Don’t Mind (Jagger/Marley/Stone/Stewart)
12. World Keeps Turning  (Stone/Marley/Jagger/Stewart)
Bonus tracks:
1. Mihaya (Rahman/Stone/Marley)
2. Warring People (Jagger/ Marley/ Stone/ Rahman)
3. Common Ground (Jagger/ Marley/ Stone/ Stewart)
4. Hey Captain (Jagger/ Marley/ Stone/ Stewart)

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