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I’ve confirmed that James Franco’s film, “The Broken Tower,” has been officially sold to Focus Features and will be shown at the Toronto Film Festival. But that’s not all for Franco, who has just now–not earlier–agreed to appear again on “General Hospital” this fall.

But there’s more: Franco will also bring two other projects to the Toronto Film Festival next month: a 1 hour film called “Idaho” which Franco shot on 8mm and based on van Sant’s “very early” draft of “My Own Private Idaho,” which is one of Franco’s favorite films. The Oscar nominee is also bringing his “My Own Private River” project to Toronto, which he showed in Los Angeles during Oscar week. That’s also concerning “My Own Private Idaho.”

Meantime, Franco’s Sal Mineo film, called “Sal,” concerning the last day of the legendary actor’s life, will play in the Venice Film Festival.

“The Broken Tower” stars Franco as poet Hart Crane and features a shocking moment of rather graphic oral sex performed by Crane. Mom Betsy Franco, an accomplished children’s book author, plays Crane’s mother. Franco’s brother Dave is also featured. The movie is very indie, brave, and well done. Made for no money, it looks great.

Franco plays both the indie world and studio biz very well. His “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” did over $19 mil on Friday night, got great reviews, and looks like a winner. His indie film about Sal Mineo, called “Sal,” will go to Venice and Toronto for screenings. It was shot in nine days.

Franco may next direct his adaptation of Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying.”  He’s currently shooting “Oz, the Great and Powerful” in Detroit for the next few months. The “General Hospital” gig will be done over a couple of days and used throughout the next storyline.

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