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Bebe Buell--she’s Liv Tyler‘s mom, a best selling author (“Rebel Heart”), a rocker extraordinaire. former Ford model and Playboy Playmate star. Now Bebe is getting ready to release a smashing new album on Niji Entertainment next month, distributed by Red.

I got a chance to hear some tracks this weekend from “Hard Love” and I can tell you, they are sensational. Not only that. Bebe has dropped over 30 pounds sticking to Jenny Craig. (Hey Jenny Craig–isn’t it time for a rock and roll division? Where are the hip spokesmodels, JC?) All those Any Time bars have really worked!

Last year, Wendy Dio, widow of rocker Ronnie James Dio, heard Bebe perform live and decided she needed a career infusion. Now Wendy is managing Bebe, and “Hard Love” is a winner. Bebe’s rocker hubby Jim Walls wrote and produced the album with Bebe and Stevie DeAcutis. They’ve made a couple of very clever cover versions of old songs, like the Gang of Four‘s “I Love A Man in A Uniform” and the Vibrators’ “Baby Baby“–a Bebe concert favorite. In short order Wendy and her team will be sending tracks to rock radio with a lot of support.

Radio programmers at college stations: get ready. This is serious, cool, fun rock. And the production — from Bebe’s voice to insistent drums from Guns N Roses player Frank Ferrer to Walls’s jangling guitars–is outstanding.

Bebe photo courtesy of Bob Gruen all rights reserved.

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