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The New York tabloids were quick to report yesterday that Julie Pacino, Al Pacino‘s 21 year old daughter, was arrested for DUI on Friday night. According to my sources, Julie was driving a friend’s Mercedes from California with expired registration. She told the cops she’d had three beers and had smoked some pot earlier the evening. She was arraigned and released. But here’s just a thought: Julie Pacino is no Lindsay Lohan. This is a mistake to be sure, but not a lifestyle. Julie Pacino, though young, has been working hard to start a career as a filmmaker. Let’s give her some credit. She’s had short films in a couple of film festivals already. I ran into her in Cannes a couple of months ago, and she was not partying. She was working, with her business partner, getting out her product. She’s written and produced a short, called “Abracadabra.” And she’s just produced a feature film called “Billy Bates,” directed by Jennifer DeLia. Julie Pacino’s incident on Friday night sounds like a youthful error–and hopefully, a one time thing.

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  1. I’m sorry but Ms. Pacino will not be receiving a pass from me!

    No one, and I mean NO ONE should drink, smoke pot and drive. I don’t care who they are or how many films they had in film festivals. As if that’s supposed to mean anything.

    Roger, you should be ashamed of yourself, trying to put a pretty face on something so ugly. And throwing Lindsay Lohan’s name in the mix was just lame!

  2. julie-don;t kid yourself-just say no to all-you don;t have to do like others to be like-be your self before it;s too late–

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