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The talk last night at the premiere of “The Devil’s Double” was about a very Oscar buzzed performance by Dominic Cooper as Uday Hussein. Cooper is just terrific in “Devil’s Double,” which launches on Friday on a wave of good talk from Sundance. But wait: the talk was also that Cooper, who’s actually been turning down roles all spring, may join Barry Levinson‘s “Gotti” as John Gotti Jr. This means he’d play the son of John Travolta. What a great idea. “Gotti” — rewritten by James Toback— is turning into a much better project as it nears its shooting schedule. Adding Cooper would be a stroke of genius. The Gotti’s may not be sympathetic, but cast with good actors this movie has a chance. Levinson and Toback have really upped the game. Cooper is free at the moment, having finished up “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” with Ben Walker. Meantime, “The Devil’s Double” gang got a great premiere last night with a party following at the Top of the Standard. Ice T, Michael Strahan, and designer Patricia Fields were among the guests…


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