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Jane Fonda posted this on her blog yesterday. A second posting is coming soon. Here’s the latest, with which I concur:

“Over the past few days there have been thousands of messages of support on my blog, Twitter, Facebook. I am so moved by what feels like a growing community. What can be more important than community in this fragmented world we live in? At times, we can feel so isolated. The best part of social media, I think, (beside the spread of information that main stream media may ignore) is that we discover there are many others out there who can buoy each other up, support each other in difficult times.

That is not to say that everyone totally agrees with me. They don’t, and they say so. But many of those with differences do not express those differences with profanity, obscenities and mean-spiritedness. They embody the American spirit that we can and should live together with our differences and respect those differences and try to hear each other through those differences. Living in Georgia for almost twenty years taught me the importance of listening—compassionate listening—to each other. I have dear friends whose political leanings are very different than mine.

There have been a few people who make comments on my blog restating the lies about my trip to North Vietnam and what they think happened there. I do not print those. I have no intention of continuing these falsehoods. I intend, very soon, to write a long blog about what DID happen during that controversial trip of mine. I know this will not stop those who have an agenda from continuing the lies but this blog will, at least, give the full story for those who are interested. Stay tuned….and, again, thanks to the many who have reached out to me on this blog, Twitter and Facebook.”

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