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So here’s a picture that Sam Rockwell will probably sue someone over. But he and Samuel L. Jackson were among the nightcrawlers who headed out to Brooklyn last night for Anthony Mackie‘s bar opening. NoBar is at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Nostrand Avenue. Mackie, one of the hottest young actors out there right now, has put blood, sweat and tears into Nobar. He built it all himself! Mackie’s even living in the neighborhood. Brooklyners will have no trouble getting there. For Manhattanites afraid to cross the East River, just get in a cab and give the address. You’ll be there in 15 minutes…

Julia Fordham is the unofficial favorite singer of Showbiz411. If you don’t know her work, Julia’s many albums are on her website, on amazon and of course ITunes. She has legions of famous fans including India Arie and David Lynch. She has an album out with one of her fans, actor Paul Reiser. They’re coming to the Highline Ballroom on July 26th. Don’t miss them! http://www.highlineballroom.com/bio.php?id=1992

…My favorite album of the summer is Garland Jeffreys‘ “The King of In Between.” This is hard edged New York R&B, classic soul with a Puerto Rican twist. The melodies and hooks are infectious, the lyrics are pungent. Garland is a great story teller and songwriter. He knows how to fashion a song so that you don’t forget it. He has one song, “All Around the World,” that is lodged in my brain  and won’t leave. “The King of In Between” is on ITunes, etc and also on www.garlandjeffreys.com. He plays the Highline in October. Don’t wait: buy the record now and memorize it. Someone please submit this for Grammy consideration. It’s too good to be ignored.

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