Home Celebrity QVC Shops a Lie to the Press about Jane Fonda Cancellation

QVC issued a statement on Sunday about the cancellation of Jane Fonda for their Saturday 10am spot. Fonda was supposed to appear live from 10am to noon Eastern on QVC to promote her new book, “Prime Time.” Fonda signed 7,000 books in anticipation of the appearance. But when the two time Oscar winner arrived in Philadelphia, she was informed that the segment was cut. Unofficially the reason was that QVC had caved into the histrionics of a few phone callers who harrassed the network with cries of “Hanoi Jane.” Fonda, dumbfounded and then angry, flew to Atlanta where she keeps a home and runs a foundation designed to educate teenage girls about pregnancy. She was, by all accounts, quite upset and posted a blog about it. QVC’s response that this was merely a “programming change.” This is laughable. Fonda was replaced by two hours of miscellaneous pitches including one about a “magic” cloth that when dipped in water miraculously cleans set in stains. It was a hastily assembled bit. QVC should be ashamed. Read the stories I posted over the weekend. The home shopping group fell for internet myths instead of asking for the truth. They obviously can’t take the truth.

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