Home Uncategorized U2 Tour Ending, Group Wants to Sell Its “Claw” Stage

U2 is finishing the most successful tour in the annals of everything. So what’s next? They want to sell their stage–that’s right, I mean, everything they used including The Claw, the gigantic device that moved around and looked like one of those metal picker things in 25 cent candy machines. Only really humungous. You can read all about this at http://www.panthermanagement.com/theclaw/news01.php Who doesn’t want a claw in their backyard? Maybe Julie Taymor can use it, or it can be incorporated into “Spider Man” some how.

Here’s a description: “Designed by Bono, Willie Williams and Mark Fisher, the massive stage structure is an industry first. Tried and tested at over 110 concerts in 78 cities in 30 countries, the in-the-round transportable structure was designed to support up to 185 tonnes and engineered to withstand high winds while sustaining seismic loads. While on tour, “the claw” carried a cylindrical video screen able to open to a size of 14,000 square feet and designed to provide fans with the best possible concert viewing experience ever. It was an overwhelming success.” The last stop on the 360 tour is July 3o in Moncton, Canada. Bring your station wagon if you want to drive the Claw home.

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