Home Media Murdochs Registered ‘Sun on Sunday’ Three Days Ago–It’s Ready

Great Britain, Get ready for The Sun on Sunday. News International registered www.thesunonsunday.co.uk on July 5th. The same day, a protected British identity registered www.thesunonsunday.com. Both urls, when accessed directly, produce the same holding page. The Sun, another Murdoch tabloid, is set to expand to Sundays to replace the closing News of the World. According to reports from Britain as well, the News of the World magazine, called Fabulous, is moving to The Sun. So The New York Times was correct when it said that the closing of News of the World was ‘suspicious.’ Rupert and James Murdoch, and News Corp/News International, is simply going to replace News of the World with The Sun on Sunday. Will it work? In the hacking scandal, Murdoch looked like he was hacking off News of the World to save News International in its acquisition of BSkyb. But if NOTW is simply replaced by The Sun on Sunday, what will have really been achieved? Absolutely nothing except turmoil for the 200 families associated with this weekend’s closing of NOTW. And what a disaster, meantime, continues to unfold in the Murdoch hacking scandal. Already there have been two arrests–with more to come. http://tinyurl.com/3uq9mj4

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