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My, do the kids ever grow up! It was only a year ago that Kelli Brooke Tomashoff graduated from high school was supposed to head off to Boston University. The nice girl who played herself on Bravo’s “NYC Prep,” a reality show, has found something to do this summer, however. She’s got a single called “Gave Up on Love,” which is pretty catchy. She just calls herself Kelli now. She can sing, maybe. And she’s cute. On top of that, she slashes her boyfriend’s throat in video, which can now be seen below. Kelli’s motto: If you can’t dress like an egg, you might as well kill someone. Revenge videos are in! Of course the boyfriend deserved it, he’s seeing someone else. And now (fictional) Kelli can give up on love. And start paying lawyers. The real Kelli is the daughter of wealthy New York parents who own a printing company in the city and a lavish estate in the Westhampton area. Kelli is obviously taking a page from the parents’ entrepreneurial playbook. Good for her!

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  1. I remember her from the Bravo show and had no idea what to expect for the music. Surprisingly, I really love this song! It’s got a great beat and she sounds great.

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