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UPDATE: All the numbers are in. Lady Gaga‘s “Born this Way” has dropped to number 8 on the pop charts and number 20 on ITunes. The total for last week is just less than 50,000 copies. By contrast, Adele remains at number 1 with over 100,000 copies sold again last week. “Born this Way” has just completely dropped, like air running quickly from an inflatable ball. So weird. But the amazon thing really hurt. Lady Gaga’s fans feel that amazon bought those 440,000 copies at full price, so what’s the difference? The difference is, the promotion hurt the artist. It devalued her CD. Only amazon did well by that move. What’s worse is that there seems to be no big single to follow up “Born this Way.” I hate to think what that “Judas” video cost. Oh my. If you look at the “Judas” entries on YouTube, it would seem like there have been 85 million views of either the video or the song lyrics. But that didn’t translate into further CD sales. “Edge of Glory” remains the number 6 single on the Billboard and ITunes charts. PS The number 9 album this week from Weird Al, featuring a parody of “Born this Way.”

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  1. Lady Gaga announced in the hype run up to her album release that she was basically reinventing the wheel when it came to her sound…. and yet it has been anything but fresh and inspired. Deluded is a word that should describe the singer and her childish look at me antics. There is nothing groundbreaking or original about Gaga this time around, and with artists like Adele breaking though the throng of urban track music she’ll be looking like the “jump on the band wagon” artist she didnt want to be if she strips it back next time.( Which naturally she should, since all this high fashion drama is wearing thin when the songs dont match up) She should take a giant leap away from the producers she is currently holed up with whilst on tour and rethink, her first album was fresh and exactly what the world needed and now she needs some space. Even if she didnt come back for another 5 years with a record she needs something to live up to the bar she raised so high the first time around.

  2. she was overrated the moment she got onto the scene – I never get how or why people see talent in screeching hacks, and talk about media whore

  3. I loved her debut, I loved her duet with Sir Elton, I do not find anything but flat rehashed (and outright “borrowed” melodies, hooks, and standard dance fare) on any of her newest efforts. Edge of Glory sounds like Jim Steinman remixed the “you’re the best” Karate Kid song. We’ve seen the costumes and glam since Slade, Bolan, Bowie, Kiss, Grace Jones, Residents, Alice Cooper, Parliament, Marylin Manson, and the rest of the glam come shock classics. She literally brings nothing new this time around. If I were her manager, her next CD should be stripped down and raw talent like Shakira’s first real release. Gaga and a piano- let the talent speak, then try to be queen of the moon. (I forgot to add Arthur Brown and early Genesis to my list of glam shockers. It is not a comprehensive list by far).

  4. Wow what an unbelievable surprise! It would seem that the twelve year old audience she targeted has grown listless, their attention span is waning and they are bored with her problem child act.

  5. I do like her. You obviously don’t read my posts. I’m just reporting the sales. I used to hear Stefani Germanotta play at the old Cutting Room. She was always talented, even without an egg.

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