Home Theater Broadway “Spider Man” Defies Critics: $1.7Mil in Ticket Sales Last Week

“Spider Man: Turn off the Dark” is bigger than ever. Defying the critics and naysayers, the troubled Broadway musical is troubled no more. Having actually opened on June 14th, the Julie Taymor re-imagined show did $1.7 million in ticket sales last week. It was actually up by $500,000 from the week before. Go figure. This week, the show will do around $1.5 million. This means it’s really sold out, and people are coming not to see accidents among the cast. They’re really going to see the show itself, which is not so much changed but rearranged from its former incarnation. The only shows doing better than “Spider Man” are “The Lion King” and “Wicked.” Now maybe the “Spider Man” producers will settle their financial situation with Taymor, who stands to make money from royalties but is still due her upfront fees after all this time. And hopefully future producers will have learned a lesson from this nightmare: figure out your problems out of town, not on Broadway where the vultures circle daily looking for prey.

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