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I told you weeks and weeks ago — exclusively– about the three one act plays coming by Woody Allen, Elaine May, and Ethan Coen. I also told you that Marlo Thomas has been set to star in Elaine May’s one acter, called “George Is Dead,” since the project was first initiated. Now I can tell you that Marlo will only be in the Elaine May play. The Woody Allen and Ethan Coen plays–respectively called “Honeymoon Hotel” and “Talk Therapy”–will have overlapping casts.

Actors who’ve worked with both Woody and the Coen Brothers were selected for that reason–the great Julie Kavner (a Woody staple), Fred Melamed (featured in several Allen films and in the Coens’ “A Simple Man”), and Caroline Aaron–also a Woody favorite. Add to that group Steve Guttenberg, Danny Hoch and Grant Shaud–aka Miles from “Murphy Brown.” The whole enterprise is called “Relatively Speaking,” and will be directed by John Turturro, a Coen regular. This will be a hot, hot ticket.

I also told you back on June 16th that Woody’s “Midnight in Paris” was on track to become his biggest hit ever. All the copycat trade sites ran the same story…yesterday. Oh well. Technically, it’s already happened. “Paris” had made $46 million worldwide. Its $23 mil domestic beats both “Match Point” and “Vicki Cristina Barcelona.” In 1986, “Hannah and Her Sisters” did $40 million total. “Paris” will exceed that both domestic and worldwide.

Now comes the fun part: Sony Pictures Classics will make a big Oscar push for Best Picture, and for Woody as director and screenwriter, Owen Wilson and Marion Cotillard for Best Actor and Actress. I do think their best bet in the acting categories, though, is Corey Stoll, who plays Ernest Hemingway. Stoll is a TV actor with loads of credits, but no listed publicist. Corey, call Donna Daniels or Cynthia Swartz, and get going. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

How good are the chances? “Midnight in Paris” is the only movie released between January 1st and July 1st of Oscar caliber. It will certainly get enough votes to make a top 6 through 10 next December.

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  1. Woody can do much better than “Midnight”.

    I hope the added budget and realization that he is close to the awards ring will be added attention that will pushing him to some great late career works. Midnight I think needed some recasting and script work.

    BTW- there have been some good looking films this year but I think Darius Khondji is going to get a nomination.

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