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Poor Lady Gaga. Her saga of continued downward sales continues. In the fourth week of release for “Born this Way,” her latest release sold a mere 68,935 copies. That brings her to a total of 1,254,484–less, of course, the 440,000 copies that amazon gave away for 99 cents. If those are removed, the total is 854,484. That’s a lot of CDs, of course, no matter what the parameters. But with the amazon deal and no real second breakout single, “Born this Way” is quickly vanishing. This week it fell to number 4. I always like to contrast it with Adele’s “21” album, which had a zero percent change last week and sold well over 100,000 copies. Lady Gaga also finished behind a child, Jackie Evancho. Why anyone wants to listen to an 11 year old sing classical music is beyond me, but that’s the story right now. In each of the last three weeks, Gaga has dropped about 40,000 units. This means that this week she could finish with around 25,000 copies sold. She has to be making big bucks from endorsements and touring because CD sales are not going to support her lavish lifestyle.

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  1. Sounds like a bunch of adults that have no music ability congregate on this page. The child is gonna be a big star… selling out the first album sales of Michael Jackson. The child star wants to sing with Lady Gaga… so let the show go on. And to all of you doubters… and non musicians… let the people with talent and the sensibility, style and common sense guide this child to greatness. Go Jackie!

  2. Lady gaga is the shit she is very talented and if you don’t think so go to one of her concerts,she sings beautifully live and she doesnt lip sing she plays all kinds of internments,I luv her to death she supports equality for all especially the gays and if you don’t like her then you oveisly have no taste ,you probably like all the ghetto trash that’s singing like rehanna she so original singing about sex in every song ,no classs at all ,don’t you worry when lady gaga hits her mark watch out,get a life people and stop being a bible betty,religion and ghetto trash well fall and equality will win,just remember a lot of artists lip sing and should like shit live ,lady gaga doesn’t she’s on the top of her game,got lien to rihanna live she sucks ,who’s talented know.not rihanna she so beonda

  3. She keeps on saying how she is celibate but in an interview I read with her today she was talking about having her first 3 way. Dumb Slut.

  4. *shrugs* The sales are down in America, but intentionally it’s a hit. It’s sold over five million copies within a month of its release.

    To all the people saying she’s gonna fade away, she isn’t.

  5. So, I still can’t name a single song by Lady Gaga (even after reading the article above)…

    And I still wouldn’t be able to identify her on the radio if one of her songs was playing…

    Have I missed out?


  6. Arbiter – you do realize that your words were once used to describe Ragtime music, the Blues,Psychedelic rock, Metal, and now this. If that was true then everyone who listens to classic rock is going to hell. Really? So many haters.

    Please tell us what kind of music is sanctioned by the church, ok?

  7. Wow, lots of vitriol here. She’s a very talented young lady but seems to have hit the sophomore slump. Probably has the wrong people in her ear. I really enjoyed Fame/Fame Monster and was hoping she would hit it out of the park with Born but instead put out an overproduced, though not terrible by any stretch, dance/pop album. 1.5 million paying customers in only a couple weeks ain’t bad, but not the phenomenon people were expecting. Oh, and I suppose that really stupid album cover where she’s a bike probably didn’t help matters any.

  8. And for everyone who says Gaga has no talent. Please submit a video of yourselves playing and performing an original composition you wrote so we can see how you come across on camera and in a live setting. I’ve seen people with no talent, Gaga isn’t one of them.

  9. To all the Gaga haters – I don’t even listen to her but she embodies what entertainment is about. For those who go on about Madonna being original…check out Nina Hagen. Nina started al of this but was too bizzare for mainstream. Madonna tamed down Nina’s persona and it worked. Gaga combined the two. And all of them are only following in David Bowie’s footsteps anyhow…he pretty much invented the glam rock thing in the early 70’s.

    Gaga is a genius in at least an entertainment business sense and is a better songwriter than Madonna. Nina is a true original.

  10. Why would anyone want to listen to an 11-year old? Just listen to GaGa. This freak show is finally over and she can join Tiny Tim in history!

  11. haha didnt ozzy osborne tell gaga to slow down or she’ll quickly fade away? hmmm guess she shouldve taken the suggestion lol

  12. Gaga rocks and you are all just jealous. She pushes the envelope and that seems to offend some puritanical senses. So what, even with Obama in control it’s still America and we are free to step outside the binders of the boring.

  13. Lady Gaga (or Lady Goo Goo as some call her) stands out because she’s very different. This should not be confused with being better. She’s merely a top member of the “I can look dumber than you can” Club.

  14. I don’t listen to Lady Gaga or many other of the latest fad “artists” so I won’t comment on her music. If her sales slip, I for one am glad only because I’m sick of hearing about her in all the news outlets. She seems to garner more attention in the media for her antics than her music. As it’s been said, her 15 minutes of fame are gone. Hope she takes Justin Beiber with her too. I’m tired of reading about him all the time.

  15. Seems like the writer and a lot of responders want to see GAGA go belly up. You go girl – even if you are a fad you have made your mark and moolah. As long as she does not go drugs she’ll be around a long time.

  16. She has some singing talent, but not much else. Someone needs to tell her to ” shut up and sing”. I personally, hope I never hear from or see her again. I wish her personally well, but professionally, Lady GAGA, become

  17. Mr. Grady,

    You gave five reasons why YOU enjoy listening to a child sing opera. She does have a surreal ability for her age but it’s a valod point: why would you choose to listen to Jackie Evacho if you love opera or voice when you could listen for the same money to Renee Fleming, Maria Callas, Rinata Tibaldi, or Joan Sutherland?

    I suppose it’s because there’s a freakish aspect to it.

    I think the kid’s a prodigee but let’s call it like it is: someone noted,

    “Evancho’s coach may be teaching her the bel canto technique, but calling her an opera singer would be like saying a sixth-grader who is exceptionally good at throwing a football is ready for the Steelers.”

    Another voice teacher (objectively) suggested,

    “The difference in Evancho’s voice between her YouTube audition video and her first “America’s Got Talent” performance is telling. While singing César Franck’s “Panis Angelicus” for the audition, Evancho sounds very much like an Anglican cathedral chorister. The sound is pure, the vibrato is natural, her pitch is spot-on, and there is no audible break in her voice. In “O Mio Babbino Caro,” her voice is much darker, more grown-up-sounding but also more forced. There is also an audible break in her voice, which makes it sound as if she is not strengthening her vocal cords in all registers equally.”

    The bottom line: She’s got as way to go. It wasn’t very long ago that Charlotte Church was all the rage but her precosiousness did not sustain through adolescence and now she’s no longer an “A-lister”.

    To cut to the chase, your insinuations that this writer is somehowdeficient because he’s not a raving fan is a bit pretentious. Not everyone is like you;
    “substance is a highly subjective”, and it is demeaning to suggest Jackie possesses 99 times the talent this writer does. Maybe his real passion is poetry or sculpture.

    You apparently took his question as an insult when it sounded to me like a question from someone who just doesn’t get it.

    I attend a lot of theater. I never saw “Rent” and never desired to. I’m a bit puzzled about why people went wild over a headbanging-rock knockoff of “La Boheme”.

    I don’t think that puts me at the bottom of the food chain and Jonathan Larsen at the top.

  18. Lady “who?” Electronic fabrication like so many today… no talent, no voice, just glitz, lights and erotica – never would have seen the inside of a recording study even in the ’70s never mind the “real music” era before that…

  19. people do not have the money to spend on movies and music anymore. even the young people are watching it. we may not be in a depression but we are in something close to it. take it from me…i am a child of the great depression. i was 4 years old and it got my attention and left a lasting impression.

  20. lmao Lady Gaga evil. Seriously stop acting like a child. The conservative mindset is afraid of change and is most comfortable in the traditional. It’s an inability to adjust – which simply exposes a core ignorance – and calls anything different than what they understand as “evil” or “satan” lmao

    You conservatives need to take your fictional, yes, fictional bible, and go live in the mountains somewhere where understanding, science and true intelligence are only memories once negotiated when once but a wee lass :)

  21. most every artist it seems like these days, is auto-tuned to death. most cannot carry a tune in a bucket, with both hands, and the hands of another, as well. god help what the engineer, and producer have to listen to in the studio before the listening audience does. BOO HOO this or that artist’s cd isn’t selling like hot cakes…sniff-sniff. here’s a thought, let them all go back where they came from…obscurity, and let’s all start over again, this time with people who deserve the adulation, who have worked hard for their profession, honed both their talent, and craft. as opposed to the schmucks are out there now…

  22. most every artist it seems like these days, is auto-tuned to death. most cannot carry a tune in a bucket, with both hands, and the hands of another, as well. god help what the engineer, and producer have to listen to in the studio before the listening audience does. BOO HOO this or that artist’s cd is selling like hot cakes…sniff-sniff. here’s a thought, let them all go back where they came from…obscurity, and let’s all start over again, this time with people who deserve the adulation, who have worked hard for their profession, honed both their talent, and craft. as opposed to the schmucks are out there now…

  23. NO – this is ALL hater nonsense. GAGA gave away her ENTIRE record on AMAZON and made a nice profit there. Her TOURING will earn her tremendous amounts of money. DONT BE FOOLED.

    no one BUYS much music after its in the torrent-zone >>

    She is one the ONLY real talents left in pop music! ENJOY.


  24. I had the chance to purchase her new album for .99 and didn’t, why? because it was not anything new, sounded like a copy cat album – I still like the older stuff thought.

  25. If you all think she’s a talentless whelp, then why did you even bother reading the article or commenting? Get over it. There are 6 billion OTHER people on the planet and some of them like something different than you do. Some of them like underground trombone polkas, some like Armenian Rap Battles, the list of oddities goes on and on. If it makes some people feel good, even in the short term, then that’s why it’s popular. If tastes change, then it declines. Big deal.

    And I’m sorry to you anti-“Judas” wingnuts, but if you actually listened to the song, you’d know it has nothing to do with ‘devil worship.’ This entire thread is a prime example of why Americans are viewed as total dolts around the world.

  26. Marc is absolutely right on……as he said EXACTLY:

    6/23/11 3:51pm

    Music has gone to hell. They blame priacy for lack of album sales, but we all deep down know the truth. The quality of the music has really degraded. Think about it, every generation a musical revolution has happened. The 60′s and 70′s were huge for rock, the 80′s started bands like Metallica all the way to Michael Jackson. The 90′s brought the grunge era, which sold millions and millions of CDs. The 2000 hit, and now 2010, no musical revolution, nothing new. Record companies dont take risks anymore on original or innovative music, the formula to get signed these days is having an attractive singer (preferably with bizarre fashion style) and maybe 1 or 2 songs that are catchy and radio friendly. So what happens? They get a huge burst of popularity for a year or two if they are lucky, then they disappear because ultimately its the music that keeps people buying CDs, not the image or how hot the vocalist is. Its a sad state of affairs, but its not surprising, when business regulates the distribution of art, the art is made to sell, not to inspire, or to be creative”

  27. Musicians don’t really make the bulk of their money from albums sales. Its when they hit the road and sell out the stadiums, sell the shirts and merchandise then they make their money.

    The only ones who make money from album sales are the leechs over at RIAA. You know, the ones who can’t figure out how to setup a legit method to download or distribute music via the internet when its in such high demand. Instead they are too busy suing the crap out of potential paying customers. When they do come up with a way to distribute, its usually so grossly overcharging that no one in their right mind would agree to it.

  28. I’ll tell you why people want to listen to an 11 year old sing opera. Because she doesn’t have to keep changing her look, style and smoke dope to show her talent. ;>)

  29. Since her Judas revelation in her music at Easter I know the shine or gloss of her talent died for me. Then the political bent took even more fun out of the music. Her music died for me with her Judas tribute.

    I hope she can reinvent herself. She has talent so I think it is possible with a dose of humility, to begin over anew.

  30. Ms. Gaga is so strange.

    As for Jackie Evancho, (going from omega to alpha) she is like Barbara Streisand. A voice that comes along once in a lifetime. Amazing kid. Just stands up and sings and out comes these incredible notes, pure beauty for those of us who are into great voices.

  31. Lady Gaga is a sick tormented Illuminati Puppet…her sickest feat yet..is in the Alejandro song, she acts like she is being sacrificed to Satan. Very sick stuff for anyone, especially kids to watch….even wearing the horns on her face is representing Satan…so she chose her path…it’s all downhill from there!

  32. This album officially is the fastest selling album of all time. Has the 2nd biggest debut sales of a female artist of all time. Sold almost 5 million copies in less than a month. Britney hasn’t even reach the million milestone and her album been out for two months. Katy Perry and Rihannas album hasn’t even reached a million and theres been out for most of the year already.Should really check recent album sales of the past few years that reached number one before you right crap about her. Her fame isn’t over , she’s also named the worlds most powerful celebrity beating Oprah on the forbes list. Her singles Born This Way , Judas and The Edge Of Glory peaked at number one , number ten and number 3 on the billboard hot 100. Gaga is here to stay

  33. Gaga is so averagely talented. Not really a great singer, musician, songwriter or dancer. She had a lot of help on the first album from better co-writers. She’s just a big gimmick to me. Her music all sounds the same after awhile. On top of that, she’s a big attention whore.

  34. She’s pure garbage along with her horrid tattoo’s, ridiculous shoes, filthy mouth, and disgusting world views. She can go straight to hell!

  35. @Marc this has nothing to do with the quality of music. There is plenty of great quality music, and yes plenty of garbage too. There always has been. The music industry IS changing, album sales aren’t the same, because the method they base them on are outdated. People are buying digital music more than they are CD’s. The people who buy albums like Adele’s are generally people who still buy CD’s (older people).

  36. Worth noting that everyone gets paid the same amount from the Amazon 99c promo. Amazon chose to take the loss on those items as a promotion for its new music service.

    So I fail to understand how the 400k amazon sales ‘dont count’…?

  37. I just feel so sorry for Lady Gaga. Sales are dwindling. It’s so un-American, right? Give the poor thing an extra million or two for God sake. We can all afford it. Because Lady Gaga so clearly personifies us as a culture, right? What the heck?

  38. Lavish lifestyle? Huh? She works her ass off and is mostly living on tour busses – and when not on tour is living in the Village – so what are you talking about exactly? Rent is high in NYC but her lifestyle is not exactly Lindsay Lohan stuff.

  39. You people are hate filled insane people. She has more talent than you and I find it odd how the people who love Jesus here have the most hate in their hearts. What a bunch of closed minded ninnies.

  40. ” Why anyone wants to listen to an 11 year old sing classical music is beyond me” Why anyone wants to listen to Lady Gaga is beyond me. She has a few catchy overpalyed songs and that’s about it. I find her whole shtick kinda boring. Been there, done that with Bowie, Madonna etc.. Except they had much better music.

  41. Anyone who refers to Jackie Evancho as just some kid singing classical music has no business ever writing articles about the music business.

    Have you actually heard her sing?

  42. “Nothing now is sacred, but infamy.” When everything is vulgar, how can a vulgarian make a living? The only thing GagGag might still do that would shock is display some talent.

  43. I still cannot name a single song by Lady Gaga (I’ve already forgotten any titles I may have read in the article above)…

    I still would not be able to identify a single song on the radio as being Lady Gaga (unless the artist track info was flashing across the digital readout dial)…

    If it were not for Matthew Nathan Drudge posting updates on his website, I would know zero about Lady Gaga and her plummeting sales…

    I do have to say that I’m happy to hear that her sales are plummeting…

  44. Let’s face it, her music is loaded with Illuminati-Freemasonry symbolism. There are numerous individuals who have broken down every aspect of her videos explaining the symbols. Everything from the all seeing eye to the crucifixion. The entire entertainment business is controlled by these psycho’s.

  45. I grew up on 70’s rock music and can listen to Jackie Evancho sing all day. In addition to her fantastic voice, she remembers the lyrics, acts like a professional, and conducts herself with a charming humbleness, rarely found among contemporary pop singers. I also prefer to follow and support the European music scene, where talent is emphasized over being outrageous, and bands and artists have their own unique sound and identity. Also, enough with the autotuned songs.

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