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The Wall Street Journal has jumped the gun on Regis Philbin‘s possible replacement. Today they named three likely candidates from their  own imagination: Kelly Ripa‘s actor husband Mark Consuelos; Andy Cohen of Bravo; and Ryan Seacrest. While Disney and ABC may be wondering what they’ll do next, I can tell you that it is quite doubtful any of these three will be taking Reege’s chair after he leaves in November.

For one thing, Consuelos is already out of the picture. A husband-wife team–with three kids at home–is not possible. Plus, as Kelly has said, she doesn’t need to spar at home and on TV with her husband. Seacrest has “American Idol” in Los Angeles from January through May, so that crosses him off the list. Cohen is really a TV executive who’s made a name for himself in a niche market. He’s a nice guy, but he doesn’t have Philbin’s showmanship.

Indeed, no one does. Anderson Cooper had the inside track for a while, but that was scotched when he took his own syndicated talk show. Pat Sajak was always a good Reege fill in, but he’s got “Wheel of Fortune” and zillions of dollars in the bank. As insiders have said, why would he want to give it all up and come to New York for a 6am wake up call?

No, finding someone to succeed Regis–he can’t be replaced–will be difficult. And there will be no announcement before Regis’s final day, the Friday before Thanksgiving. The good betting is that Kelly Ripa goes it alone with guest co-hosts through January 2012. A new person–man or woman–will probably be introduced in February 2012 sweeps after a big promo push to guess the winner. Again, the qualifications should be someone with a strong entertainment history, a New Yorker, someone who has a great sense of humor and some edge. But not too much edge. Maybe The Edge. (Just kidding.)

Good luck, execs. You’re going to need it.


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  1. Seems to be only one true replacement, Tony Danza. Number one, he is New York!! Also, a great cook for all those cooking segments on the show. He.s had his own morning talk show, is a great conversationalist, a great sense of humor, is in great shape for all those physical gigs on the show and would have that mature contrast with Rippa so she could “play off of”. Any of you out there who have seen some latest episodes of the show can see that Kelly’s personality didn’t quite fit with many of her chosen co-hosts. So, forget about it, Tony D. would brighten up and totally revive the show.

  2. Jim Carey would be “a HOOT ” …..his movie career has been in the dumps for a long while…..or, how about Martin Short , he played Jiminy Glick,he’s
    very funny…..leave us not forget Robin Williams who is hilarious.

  3. It doesn’t matter.ABC has went nuts and cancelled left and right.There daytime lineup isnt worth turning anymore.Trying to cut budgets is just running people away.You gotta spend money to make money.Cheaper reality shows are not gonna cut the rug.Good bye abc

  4. I would love to see Mike Catherwood – I loved him as a guest co-host! Very natural, very easy, very funny, and very handsome. I’d hate to see Bryant Gumbel (he is the worst – I delete the show off my DVR when he cohosts), Seacrest, or Andy Cohen. I could get on board with Mark Conseulos now that all their kids are old enough to be in school all day. I would have LOVED Anderson Cooper – too bad he has his own talk show now b/c it is so much fun when he co-hosts. Kelly brings out such a fun side of him.

  5. Since this article goes back to June/2011, I hope you’re still taking comments. And from the requirements you named that they would be looking for, there is only one person I know that fits that description and that is Ralph Macchio. He’s from NY, is in show business for 30 yrs…films, stage and television, has a great sense of humor, quick witted, knows lots of people in the business. He is a few yrs older than Kelly and has two children. Kelly and Ralph seem suited to quip with each other daily and from what I’ve seen of him on interviews is not at a loss for words. No, this is not his mother…but a fan who thinks he has what it takes to sit in Regis’ chair.

  6. how about bryant gumbel, he would also attract not only a more urban demo but also a male audience because of his ties to his sports news show on hbo.

    he lives in nyc, has a great personality, and if the shows producers decide that they want to delve into some politics with the 2012 election coming up they have someone with the chops.

    also, bryant has wake up early credentials with his time at the today show as well as the cbs early show.

    byrant is also older, which keeps that whole older guy, younger woman vibe going.

    live with bryant and kelly or vice versa is a great idea.

  7. Oh, and Mike, I’ll take that bet. There’s no way it will be Catherwood. He’s too young and they’d risk losing a big portion of their viewers, which tend to be older/retirees.

  8. Probst, Probst, Probst. He’d have to leave twice a year to go film Survivor for a month or so, but he and Kelly have great chemistry.

  9. I am willing to bet my house on Mike Catherwood. He has been on a number of times, Kelly loves him, he’s good looking, very quick, and is green enough that Kelly will easily push him around. Mike Catherwood. (look into this Roger)

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