Home Celebrity Joss Stone Kidnap Plot May Have Been Anti-Royal Celeb Scheme

You may have heard that British R&B singer Joss Stone was targeted for a kidnapping and maybe worse last week in London. Two men were apprehended in her neighborhood after sharp eyed observers noticed strangers lurking about. The men had rope, a body bag, and a sword, according to reports.

But why Stone, an amiable figure without controversy? A source who spoke with Stone tells me that the men–and this has not been reported yet–also had a list of other celebrities who’d attended the April 29th royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Their plan, the source says, was to attempt something with each of these guests–a list that would include Elton John, the Beckhams, director Guy Ritchie and Rowan Atkinson. Stone just seemed the easiest to get at, the singer was told by police.

My source says that Stone was told the potential kidnappers were anti-royalists who objected to the international spectacle of the wedding. Luckily, Stone was not home at the time. She thanked her astute neighbors, and is basically unfazed by the incident.

The anti-royalist movement does exist in Britain. We don’t hear much about it here. But before the big wedding, a proposal for anti-wedding parade by republicans (lower case) was rejected in Camden Town. http://www.republic.org.uk/

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