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Believe it or not, Jon Cryer still hasn’t a word from his former co-star, Charlie Sheen. Cryer and Sheen were co-stars for eight seasons of “Two and A Half Men.” But since Sheen’s unwinding this past winter and spring, Cryer tells me there’s been no communication. “He has my number,” Cryer told me last at the Tony awards. “I don’t have his.” That’s because, Cryer says, Sheen has changed his number so many times. Cryer also told me he still has no idea what or who Ashton Kutcher will be playing on the show. “They haven’t told me anything,” he said. “But I think I have good chemistry with Ashton.”

The season begins shooting on August 1st. Cryer does know that the writers met this past week. “Chuck [Lorre] called to say they have great ideas,” said Cryer, who also told me he never had any concept that Sheen’s behavior would grow into such a major disaster. He said Sheen had had episodes before, and they’d all been weathered. Meantime, he’s happy to say that so far Angus T. Jones, the 17 year who plays his son on the show, has not outgrown him yet. “He had a big growth spurt and then he stopped,” said Cryer, indicating around his own height. “So I think I’ve won my bet. But his father is very tall, so it could still happen.”

Jon, if you don’t know, comes from a showbiz family. His father was an actor. His mother, Gretchen Cryer, launched a famous off Broadway show in 1979 called “I’m Getting My Act Together and Taking it On the Road.” It played for over a thousand performances at Joe Papp’s Public Theater. Next weekend, there’s a revival of the show and a showcase of a new one by Jon’s mom. But Cryer can’t be there, he said. “We’ve got, you know, little kids at home in L.A.” Oh yes, kids!


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