Home Music Jennifer Hudson’s Big Movie Making Summer

Once Jennifer Hudson gets over her food poisoning–she really got hit with a bad bout of it yesterday–she’s got a busy summer making movies. While her Winnie Mandela movie, “Winnie,” is being readied for film festivals, Hudson has two big summer projects. First she plays a nun in “The Three Stooges,” which should be a hoot despite the strange casting of the main guys. (Sean Hayes? Really?) Then in August Hudson will star in “Mister and Pete,” directed by George Tillman, Jr. and produced by Alicia Keys (among others). This indie film will show Hudson in a gritty role, as a mother who goes to jail and leaves her two young sons to care for themselves. And then, of course, there should be a Grammy push for her latest album and hit single, “Where You At?” She deserves to be not just in best R&B vocal, but Best Female Vocal period. Hopefully, J Records will release one of the there Alicia Keys-penned songs from the album as the next single–considering how much trouble those songs caused in the first place. (That’s another story.) Hudson, I think, is the best singer of her generation, and needs to be treated by the Grammys like a new generation Aretha Franklin. (PS–Get Aretha’s new album on the Walmart website. It’s great.)

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