Home Celebrity Joan Jett Sues to Stop Charity Tribute Album

Joan Jett may be very charitable but not–her detractors say–when she doesn’t approve it. Jett and former Runaways partner Cherie Currie are now suing MainMan Records to stop them from distributing a charity tribute album of Jett/Runaways songs. The album, “Take it Or Leave It,” features Runaways covers from The Donnas, Shonen Knife, Bebe Buell Band, Care Bears on Fire. members of the Beastie Boys and others. MainMan’s Keith Roth had planned to give proceeds to the American Cancer Institute in memory of Sandy West, the Runaways drummer. But apparently, according to sources, Jett’s manager Kenny Laguna didn’t like the project because he wasn’t involved in it. Now Jett and Currie have filed suit using law firm Baker Hostetler to enjoin the release. Ironically, I’m told, Currie actually sings on one of the tracks–“American Nights” the one Roth produced with his own band, Frankenstein 3000. http://tinyurl.com/3ow37wp


PS A source says all the songs were cleared for use. If so, it sounds like Jett and Laguna may just have to endure having good artists play their music for charity. Yikes.

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