Home Celebrity Cancelled: Black Eyed Peas Show in Central Park

The big Black Eyed Peas show in Central Park has been cancelled, thanks to rain and thunderstorms. By all accounts on Twitter, it’s been a disaster of 50,000 people waiting around in pouring rain for someone to pull the plug. Shades of Diana Ross, on July 21, 1983. Ross wound up coming back, doing a show, and donating a playground. This Peas show was for the Robin Hood Foundation, a group that gives away $100 million a year from extremely wealthy backers. They also pay about $10 million in salaries according to their Form 990 tax filing. It’s an odd organization because they do good deeds but hate the press and are extremely exclusive about their events. Anyway, tonight was a bust but it doesn’t matter to the Foundation. You see, the Black Eyed Peas already played for their big heavy hitters at the Apollo Theater a couple of nights ago. Oh yes. It all worked out where it mattered. Maybe they’ll reschedule this show.

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