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As if things couldn’t get worse: on the day a picture of his genitals was leaked to the press via a radio show, disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner’s wife is discovered to be three months pregnant. The New York Times has confirmed it. Huma Abedin, a very nice person whom a lot of us knew during Hillary Clinton‘s senate term and her run for the presidency, is now in a dilemma. She’s learned that her husband is a perv and a liar. Less than a month into their marriage, he was sending sex messages to other women. And Abedin learned along with the public that Weiner had sent the original crotch shot that caused the scandal to break open. This means he continued to lie to her for a week after news of this calamity broke. So what now? There are all sorts of calls for Weiner’s resignation. He’s not my congressman in New York, so it doesn’t affect me. But despite all the scandals that befall elected officials, we expect them to be statesmen, to stand for something higher, and comport themselves properly in public. If only Weiner could be fired. But he must resign, and he will no doubt, before long. As for Abedin, maybe she’ll be like other political wives and look the other way (see under Lee Hart, Hillary Clinton, Maria Shriver, etc) . She may be forced to anyone now. What a mess.

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  1. “He’s not my congressman in New York so it does’t affect me”. Are you kidding? He votes on things that affect everyone in the country. He also has a top secret security clearance, and could be blackmailed or worse. Watch any of his interviews after the story broke and see how he blatenly lies while looking the reporter straight in the eye. He confessed when he got caught.

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