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Can it be? Next year is the 25th anniversary of one my favorite bad movies, “Cherry 2000.” This post-apocalyptic thriller starred a pre-“Working Girl” Melanie Griffith as a bounty hunter. She helps Sam, played by David Andrews, journey into a forbidden zone where model Cherry 2000 android wives are stored. Sam’s own model has died, or given out, and he wants the same one again. This is sort of like me trying to find another Motorola v9 Razr2 phone instead of getting a smart phone.

Anyway, producer Ed Pressman–one of the good guys in the movie business–is talking remake. And Melanie Griffith has suggested her daughter, Dakota Johnson, whose dad is Don Johnson, play her role. Dakota recently appeared in “The Social Network” as the girl who realizes she’s just slept with Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake). It’s not such a far fetched idea. Pressman is considering it, I’m told, and putting together some ideas for the remake including a director. Who directed the original? A guy named Steve De Jarnatt who went on to direct a lot of episodic TV but has no credits on the imdb since 2006. He published a short story in 2009 in “The Best American Short Stories.”

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