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Lady Gaga‘s “Born this Way” sold 1.1 million copies last week. But not really. Around 440,000 of those were generated from amazon.com’s 99 cent sale over two days. “Born this Way” really sold more like 600,000 copies without amazon’s help. That’s still pretty sensational in these times, but predictions are the album will tumble this week. Expect a big drop when Monday’s charts are counted. Just to give you an idea of what’s going on, “Born this Way” has already been toppled on ITunes by new releases from Eddie Vedder and from Death Cab for Cutie. “Born this Way” is now the number 3 album. Gaga’s single, “The Edge of Glory,” is number 3 on the singles charts, too, where Adele still rules the roost. On amazon, the “Born this Way” album is still number 1. It’s selling for $6.99 with its digital booklet. Since this is what we paid for LPs in the stone age, Lady Gaga is going to have some interesting bottom line accounting issues. Considering that she says she almost went bankrupt from her last tour, I hope someone is figuring out how she’s going to make money. (We’re not feeling bad for her yet.)

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  1. I think the first half of the tour was financially troubling. When she was performing to 10000 people the revenue wasn’t covering the costs. Now she rarely performs for less than 20000, and just did a 60000 in Mexico.

    Last year she made $90m so i think the money is flowing steadily now.

    Putting the sales into perspective, Britney Spears latest album sold less than 300k first week, Rihanna sold about 200k. Pop albums arn’t usually first week blockbusters. I predict 200k for next week. Any more would be great.

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