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Did you think it was getting too quiet on the James Franco front? Well, the Oscar nominated, Indie Spirit winning actor is busy prepping his movie, “Sal,” in Los Angeles. The story of actor Sal Mineo will commence shooting on June 10th as a low key and low budget film that will largely feature unknown actors. (Well, they’re known to someone, but not to us.) Franco will be pretty busy all through the month of June in L.A. On the 20th he debuts his film, “The Broken Tower,” which is really his directing debut, at the Los Angeles Film Festival. He stars in it, too, as writer Hart Crane. Franco’s mom, Betsy, is in the movie, too. Meanwhile, on June 7th, a film Franco acted in with Josh Lucas, formerly known as “William Vincent” (the film, not Lucas) is being released on DVD. Now called “Shadows and Lies,” the drama was directed by Franco’s former teacher, Jay Anania, whose sister was the remarkable, late Elizabeth Edwards. Got all that? And then: if Franco finishes “Sal” in time, he’ll head back to Warren Wilson College for a writing class before scooting off to Detroit to shoot “Oz, the Great and Wonderful.” And what are you doing this summer? Huh?

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  1. Karen …. and I thought that I was the only one who saw the destructiveness of Elizabeth Edwards’ action in enabling John’s campaign, knowing of his extra-marital unfaithfulness and public prevarication. She was equally as guilty as he in attempting to defraud the American public.

  2. Elizabeth Edwards, the cuckolded Lady MacBeth who deprived Hillary Clinton of the presidency by propping up her philandering husband John? I had hoped we’d heard the last of her.

  3. Sweet. I am happy to read an article which doesn’t rip James Franco to shreds……merci!

    I would like to see a good Sal Mineo film; what a sad and lonely life he had.

    I’m pretty sure “Good Time Max” was James Franco’s directorial debut but perhaps I am wrong. Regardless, the “Broken Tower” depicting Hart Crane and his spiral to doom will be well-received, I am sure. Another soul whose demons crushed him.

    Thanks for the scoop! Peace to you and yours.

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