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It’s not s shock: Terrence Malick was a year late presenting “The Tree of Life.” He didn’t come to his press conference or premiere party, and walked in at the end of his premiere screening. Almost no one saw him. So of course he won the Palm D’Or tonight in Cannes. For the film. For the effort of making a two hour, twenty minute philosophical meditation on the creation of the universe. He didn’t win Best Director. That went to Nicholas Winding Refn for his stylish “Drive.” Kirsten Dunst was not held responsible for Lars von Trier‘s crazy comments, and won Best Actress for “Melancholia.” This performance and this film are more resonant than “Tree of Life.” And French superstar Jean DuJardin won Best Actor for “The Artist.” I am telling you now: watch this actor, this film, and more become a big deal in the fall and go on to Oscar status at least in multiple nominations. The Cannes winners are all good choices, I think. “Tree of Life” is one weird movie, but it’s also brilliant, flawed, and a conversation starter. Brad Pitt doesn’t get enough credit; he’s very good in it. The film is a piece of art. Put up on your wall and talk it over. Will it be a hit? Very minor. An awards magnet? Hard to say. As I said before, Fox Searchlight should make a short film of the nature video stuff that’s one half the film and put in an IMAX theater. More on Cannes, with a wrap up later. We should note, no mention of Sean Penn or “This Must Be the Place.”

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