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Imagine my surprise to run into Joseph Jackson this week in Cannes. We knew he was going to be around, promoting various schemes. But he showed up at Sean Penn’s J/PHRO charity dinner for Haiti at the Carlton Hotel with quite a gang in tow: he’s doing business with Michael Jackson’s one time, problematic manager Dieter Wiesner. And he’s also found wealthy patrons who don’t speak English too well and probably are unaware of his unusual history.

With these new partners, to whom Joseph introduced me, Michael Jackson’s dad is going to start something called the Happy Land Resort: A Jackson Neverland Themed Resort World Wide. Lost on these folks is the news that Happy Land was a New York disco where dozens of people once died. But hey, they know what they’re doing. I met a lovely older woman named Phan Thi Phuong Thao, who wore a beautiful black robed gown that was embroidered heavily with silver and gold. She’s the Chairman of the Board, and obviously quite smitten with Joe Jackson. She doesn’t speak English.

My hat is off to Joe Jackson.

I did ask Joe if he’d seen his famous daughter, Janet. She was also in town, staying with Roberto Cavalli on his boat. It was Janet’s birthday on Monday, but Joe told me: “We don’t celebrate birthdays.” When I asked if he’d seen her, he replied: “No, but tell her I said hello if you do.” Will do!

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  1. Janet Jackson is no picnic either. She has perpetuated the myth that her brother was a drug addict, has dissed him several times in that sweet little passive aggressive way and has used her brother’s death to revive her dead career. Oh – and that “intervention’ the Jacksons keep referring to. There is plenty of evidence that they forced themselves on him in 2007 and tried to get him to do a reunion tour. With Janet opening for the J5. This happened in the wake of her tour being cancelled due to lack of interest. She was one of the main instigators. Y’all KNOW how much pressure that family put on MJ to work with them. If he could not sleep and had to be put in a coma just to rest they are largely responsible. Little miss Janet too! The only Jackson’s I have any respect left for are Jackie, Marlon and maybe Tito. I just pray Michael’s three beautiful kids get the hell out of Hayvenhurst as soon as Prince is 18.

  2. Janet Jackson was stunning and articulate at the Life Ball in Vienna-she has a lot of class. Did it NEVER occur to Joe that reviving Neverland in any way, shape or form is a white elephant!
    The happy Neverland years ended long before Michael died-Joe is a vulture. MMH

  3. Joe Joe joe…..you need to slow down and go for a loooooong sleep.
    It’s time to let your dear, brave, gracious, awsome, lovey amazing hard working, talanted, well manered, deserving, wonderful son “Rest In Peace”
    In life Michael was so very tired, and maybe, just maybe he is still a wee bit tired.
    Please let him rest. HE wasn’t able to rest here on Earth, but hopefully he is able to just be “Little Michael Jackson” for a while in Heaven, and be the one most important thing he felt he missed in his life for just a while. (A child)
    Your Boy Michael gave much more than should be expected of any child.
    He left us more than enough great memories and music to last of till eternity.
    Joe, you do not need to carry on the legacy. Michael already had that under control before he left us. We his fans are here to do that. You do not need to come up with Perfume Lines, Fashion Lines, Belts, Amusement Parks etc. ect.
    You need to retire your son and let him rest. Then, if you find it necessary that you still must work at your age, then go be a grandfather to your grandchildren and make Michael proud. Give them all the love that you couldn’t give your own children. Michael and god will both be proud of you. That’s all he ever wanted from you his whole life. “It’s never too late Joe.

  4. I don’t get this man at all. The more we see of parts of Michael Jackson’s family after his passing, the more he stands out as the one being focused, driven, and sensible. Before the trial, MJ’s ideas always lead to something. He made his records and short films, he organized and went through with his tours, he bought his house, he built what he wanted there, and he donated 300 million dollars to charities. It seems he was not the erratic one.

  5. WHY doesn’t Joe celebrate birthdays? He MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT nor has ever been a Jehovah’s Witness, like his wife — and that’s FOR SURE! Must just be that he doesn’t wanna pop for a present.

    And it’s nice to see he’s learned a parenting lesson since obviously he’s very close to Janet. This man needs to quit! He is really sickening. (gag!)

  6. I never liked Dieter Wiesner. He managed Michael during the Bashir interview that pretty much caused the molestation interview in 2003.

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