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It’s Wednesday morning, the 2011 Festival de Cannes is upon us. The big rumor today: Lady Gaga, as I noted on Twitter last night, is coming down here today for an outdoor show. C’est vrai? Seems so. Tonight’s festivities will also include the big opening night with a presentation of the jury–Robert DeNiro, Jude Law, Uma  Thurman and of course Woody Allen and his cast from “Midnight in Paris.” Cannes is already overstuffed with stars and it hasn’t even begun.

Now we’re told Sarah Jessica Parker is coming on Friday to help Harvey Weinstein launch her September film, “I Don’t Know How She Does It.” Dreamworks Animation is happily promoting “Puss N Boots” with a big floating ad in the water facing the  Carlton Hotel. Atop the hotel, the gem of the Croisette, are already huge ads for forthcoming movies including “Super 8.” Every0ne is talking about Terrence Malick, of course, and his film “Tree of Life.” Is it a masterpiece or a disaster? We won’t know until Monday. We pray for the former. Will Malick even be here or participate in his press conference? Again, prayers!

Meanwhile EXCLUSIVE news: the very famous Michelangelo Italian restaurant from Antibes is opening a branch in New York this fall. It will be called Mamo Michelangelo for its owner. A space is being created in the Meatpacking District near Pastis. Mamo’s son, Michael, will be the manager. Why is this a big deal? The food is amazing, the recipes will travel beautifully, and the stars will come. Three nights ago, Karl Lagerfeld took over Michelangelo for a huge gala. This week, everyone from Jolie, Pitt, Depp and Harvey will stop  in. An American branch? Sacre bleu!

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