Home Celebrity “Terminator” Terminates Marriage: Arnold and Maria Split

Kind of a shock this morning, but maybe not: Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger are kaput after 25 years. Their announcement comes as Arnold moves back into the movie business and out of the governator’s office. This odd coupling always was the subject of gossip and speculation, especially several years ago when reports started to come out about Arnold’s roving eye. There were reported accusations of groping, etc. by different women. Shriver always looked the other way. But this separation may not necessarily be about that. Their life was much different as Governor and First Lady of California than as Maria and a movie star. It may be that Shriver, at 55, has no desire to revisit that scene again. Schwarzenegger clearly does, as he’s ramped up CAA to get him into movies pronto. Does he have a career left? Time and the kinds of movies he chooses will tell. For Shriver, though, this must be tough. Of all the Kennedy marriages, her parents’ was the longest and happiest. No worries: Maria will be a hot commodity on the singles market.

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