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We’re about to see how much of a foundation exists in the Jackson Family Foundation. I told you earlier today that Joseph Jackson, the estranged father of the Jackson family, is coming to Cannes next week. He’s planning a ticketed VIP party to raise money–ostensibly for himself. He’s also going to announce projects that won’t ever be discussed again. Jackson’s dates for Cannes are May 15, 16, 17. At the same time, and he may not know this, Janet Jackson is coming to Cannes. She’s performing at AmFAR’s “Cinema Against AIDS” on May 20th at the Hotel du Cap. May 16th also happens to be Janet’s birthday. Will father and daughter, who generally don’t speak, wind up in a reunion in the South of France? It’s unlikely. And it does make us wonder: did Joe Jackson set this appearance up just to dog Janet, who’s trying to do something that’s actually charitable and worthwhile? That’s not exactly a birthday present anyone would want.

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  1. Hmmm. This is actually when the Princess Diana movie will premiere. Wonder if this has any bearing on them “coincidentally” being there at the same time.

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