Home Celebrity Charlie Sheen Releases a Single Tomorrow, Won’t Go Away

Charlie Sheen–jeez, that tour ended a week ago. And yet, he will not go away. With CBS about to announce a fall season without him, Sheen must do something. So tomorrow he’s releasing a single, yes, a recorded piece of music, called, natch, “Winning.” His pals Rob Patterson, late of Korn, and Snoop Dogg, are the authors and performers. It’s unclear what Sheen does on the track, maybe play some bad guitar or, oy, sing. Anyway, they say some proceeds will go to victims of the Alabama tornadoes–this is Sheen’s new obsession. What will he do about flood victims in Memphis? Anyway, the single will be released by Rob Christie, whose Robo Records is small yet feisty. Christie has a long association with EMI/Capitol so you never know. “Winning” might turn into a novelty hit.

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